Equator Aviation Services provides an Innovative and customized services for your global Aviation and Travel Business. Our capability in: Charter, Geospatial services, Training, Cargo handling, Tour and Holiday, Ticketing, Customs, Visa handling is our pillar for success.


Equator Aviation Services delivers the comprehensive services, thought leadership, and subject matter expertise that stakeholders in all aspects of aviation need to navigate a complex and evolving aviation industry.

Equator Aviation provides objective, independent regulatory, technical, financial, and commercial guidance to aviation clients, including airlines, airports, financial institutions, manufacturers, VIPs, and heads of state. Our core advisory is in Cargo department set up and maintenance as footprint .We help aviation clients manage assets and operations, mitigate risk, and maximize return on investment.

Equator Aviation Services benchmarking services help companies in aviation space measure how well they compare with others in implementing best practices through the delivery of services or by achieving performance standards.

We view benchmarking as a proven way for an entity to learn about the best practices in company’s functions and processes, measure how well the company's practices compare, and make whatever changes are necessary to raise up the it’s practices to the standards of industry leaders. Benchmarking is, in short, learning to be better by observing the best.

EAS conducts three general types of benchmarking studies:
  • Process benchmarking—focusing on specific work processes and operating systems (e.g., order fulfillment and route navigation)
  • Performance benchmarking—assessing competitive position by focusing on performance characteristics (e.g., price, fare and technical quality)
  • Strategic benchmarking—identifying the winning strategies used by high performing companies.

The final step in our benchmarking process is to give organization tangible steps for improvement by developing an action plan to rank recommendations, agree on an implementation strategy, and develop and assign responsibility for measurement criteria and schedules. send us and email for more enquiries and our staff shall be glad to help you out.info@equatoraviationservices.com

EAS offers comprehensive survey research services for designing samples, data collection protocols, and instruments; conducting surveys through all types of data collection methods; analyzing, reporting, and presenting findings; and protecting all processes and data through quality assurance and system security.

Over the years, we have demonstrated design, methodological, and statistical expertise through the implementation of large and complex survey research projects for clients in aviation and non-aviation sector across the globe.

Our statisticians, survey methodologists, project managers, survey analysts, subject matter experts (SME), and consultants work side-by-side to collect the best possible data and maximize each client's ability to act on survey results. The statistical and methodological experience of the survey research staff is complemented by the depth and breadth of the subject matter expertise within EAS varies along huge scope.

EAS delivers all the strategic communications and marketing services of a top-flight public relations agency, we offer customized and digital marketing and sales model that are phenomenal for revenue maximizing, cost reduction.

EAS’s strategic communications and marketing work drives audiences to take desired actions and ultimately to change behavior. Our comprehensive communications services include:

  • Research and planning, including focus groups and surveys
  • Marketing, advertising, messaging, and branding
  • Creative development and production in all mediums
  • Media planning and buying
  • Social and interactive media
  • Public relations and community outreach
  • Partnerships and stakeholder engagement
  • Campaign and program evaluation
  • Meetings and events

From large-scale, national campaigns to highly targeted local outreach, we employs a four-step communications process that consistently delivers results for clients:

  • Understanding expectations and audiences
  • Designing a strategic plan, messaging, and outreach materials
  • Implementing the plan and adapting to new opportunities
  • Evaluating progress to measure value along the way

Our communications evaluations emphasize outcomes. We also evaluate tactics against special performance metrics, including reach, frequency, with key social media tools and platforms.

Equator Aviation Services delivers comprehensive aircraft management support to clients in all areas of the aviation industry who need to maintain, manage, repossess, or remarket aircraft assets and maximize returns.

Aircraft and their parts are highly regulated, expensive assets that require detailed understanding and specialized experience to meet the challenges of domestic and international regulation, certification, and registration. EAS's multidisciplinary teams of experts bring the benefit of experience in all aspects of the aviation industry. Through our many aircraft management engagements for clients worldwide, we've also developed a keen understanding of the importance of confidentiality, discretion, cultural nuances, and security.

Our multidisciplinary teams include former airline and airport executives, maintenance and operations specialists, financial analysts, and other aviation experts offering highly specialized skills in aviation fundamentals.

Helping clients understand and analyse opportunities within the industry has been at the heart of our business since the start, and through our Aviation consultancy unit we have helped hundreds of clients.

Equator Aviation Services supports all areas of an airline’s business with management consulting and business transformation services for government-owned and national carriers, commercial airlines, private equity investors, and multilateral organizations worldwide.

Equator Aviation Services helps airline management and investors adapt to airline industry trends such as consolidation, the rise of low-cost carriers, and the growth of emerging markets in order to generate revenue and control costs. Our management consulting capabilities further include:

  • Analyzing the value of alliances, code shares, and bilateral agreements
  • Validating vital business decisions to support growth and transition
  • Developing expansion strategies, particularly in emerging markets
  • Developing and evaluating business plans and organizational strategies

For clients launching aviation ventures, EQS tests and evaluates markets, conducts feasibility studies and due diligence, and helps develop business plans. In the crucial area of network and fleet planning, EAS helps airlines optimize routes, schedules, and hub operations.

Members of our multidisciplinary management consulting team come from leadership positions in the aviation industry in the areas of commercial and financial planning, revenue management, program management, sales and leasing, and marketing. EAS's business transformation services address all areas of an airline's business

Equator Aviation Services helps airport clients strategically navigate today's operational challenges, comply with environmental requirements related to climate change, and position themselves in a competitive landscape.

With our unmatched insight into carriers' business strategies, Equator aviation services is uniquely qualified to help airport executives strategically view the future, optimize business opportunities, and realize value. We support airports and airport systems worldwide with a comprehensive range of business advisory services,

EAS has worked with major airports in east africa and emerging regions. We advise across the industry, from midsize and small airports to regional airport systems and the government and regulatory agencies that oversee them.

EAS's multidisciplinary teams include in-house specialists from all facets of the aviation industry, including the commercial divisions of airports, airlines, infrastructure funds, and areas such as network planning with major Uganda and international airlines. Our airport clients also benefit from ICF's work with government, civil aviation authorities, and members of the financial community.

Helping clients understand and analyse opportunities within the industry has been at the heart of our business since the start, and through our Aviation consultancy unit we have helped hundreds of clients.

Equator Aviation Services helps business aviation clients understand the marketplace, develop smart business strategies for resource allocation and expansion, and make the most efficient, cost-effective use of their assets.

As the largest aviation consulting firm in the world with a dedicated business aviation practice, Equator Aviation Services develops customized, objective solutions for every facet of the sector.

EAS equips clients with the tools needed to navigate the business aviation landscape and reach sound strategic decisions.

Our business aviation teams include experienced aviation professionals and former employees of manufacturers, operators, service providers, and financial institutions. They are backed by the many aviation practices of EAS, including those dedicated to valuation, safety, and decision support.

Equator Aviation Services uses network planning scenarios, revenue management tools, cost-benefit analyses, and comprehensive IT and aviation knowledge to equip airlines with the information and insight needed to make sound, forward-thinking decisions.

In today's highly complex and competitive commercial aviation marketplace, Equator aviation services helps airlines accurately assess expansion and contraction strategies, alliance opportunities, fleet acquisitions, and potential mergers. We also assist in determining which aircraft and routes can enhance revenue, maximizing per-seat revenue, and enhancing customer loyalty through frequent flyer programs.

Because EAS's multidisciplinary teams include former senior airline executives, we understand the financial models that drive the decision-making process and understand all aspects of the strategic landscape and operational realities facing today's carriers. Our experience across hundreds of projects touching all facets of aviation makes us leaders in identifying the trends and market drivers that will impact carriers years into the future.

Equator Aviation Services provides objective financial insight and transaction support for clients involved in buying or selling aviation assets or optimizing the financial structure of aviation operations.

Equator aviation services delivers services for every aspect of aviation financing, including:

  • Business plan development and review
  • Assistance with restructuring and renegotiating debt financing and other commitments
  • Assistance with the purchase or lease of aircraft and equipment, including evaluating and renegotiating lease terms and provisions
  • Analysis of historic, current, and projected revenues, profits, and cash flows for aviation operations
  • Appraisal and valuation of aviation-related businesses and the full range of tangible and intangible aviation assets
  • Development of information memoranda for present to prospective investors regarding new aviation ventures

EAS works with the range of aviation companies, financial institutions, and advisors, including bondholders, legal advisors, boards of directors, and trustees, to:

  • Help private equity firms investing in the aviation sector accurately assess potential business opportunities
  • Deliver informed insights on risk and value to law firms, investment banks, and other advisors involved in aviation mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, and financing arrangements
  • Assist airlines and manufacturers with raising capital and restructuring debt

Our in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day operational, commercial, technical, and competitive aspects of the aviation industry have made us us a trustworthy partner in some of the most complex, high-profile projects in the aviation industry. EAS's financial analysts work closely with former aviation executives to help mitigate risk, maximize returns, and make operations more solvent and viable.

Equator Aviation Services helps public sector aviation agencies shape policy, implement programs, and evaluate impact.

Increased air travel, continually evolving security threats, the need to upgrade dated systems Uganda. federal aviation agencies today face complex challenges with multiyear and multimillion-dollar implications for the policies they enact and the programs they must implement for stakeholders. Equator Aviation Services helps public-sector clients navigate this dynamic environment.

Equator's experience working with agencies to shape policy, implement programs, and evaluate impact includes a broad range of services for the Uganda. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), where we have assisted with the management and implementation of air traffic control systems, business process improvements, human capital initiatives, flight training, IT, and environmental compliance for nearly 30 years. We are currently working with FAA on several aspects of its ambitious NextGen initiative to transform the Uganda. air traffic control systems.

Equator aviation services provides comprehensive support to public-sector aviation projects with large financial and public policy stakes. and we continue to provide extensive advisory and system acquisition support for Uganda's aviation security passenger, baggage, and cargo screening programs.

The final step in our benchmarking process is to give organization tangible steps for improvement by developing an action plan to rank recommendations, agree on an implementation strategy, and develop and assign responsibility for measurement criteria and schedules.

Equator Aviation Services delivers comprehensive valuation services to aviation clients who need to know the current and future value of tangible and intangible assets.

Equator Aviation Services' aviation valuation services include due diligence, forecasting, and competitive analyses. We provide informed guidance to those investing in aviation operations or assessing collateral value for loans or rated bond offerings backed by aviation assets.

EAS assists aviation valuation clients with:

  • Assessing the value of tangible assets such as airplanes, engines, parts, and hangars
  • Assessing intangible aviation assets such as slots, restricted entry rights, frequent flyer programs, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations
  • Evaluating part-out companies, charter companies, training academies, duty-free shops, and other aviation-related enterprises

The final step in our benchmarking process is to give organization tangible steps for improvement by developing an action plan to rank recommendations, agree on an implementation strategy, and develop and assign responsibility for measurement criteria and schedules.