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Kampala is Uganda's national and commercial capital bordering Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake. Hills covered with red-tile villas and trees surround an urban centre of contemporary skyscrapers. In this downtown area, the Uganda Museum explores the country's tribal heritage through an extensive collection of artefacts.


Nairobi is Kenya's bustling capital city, often used as a jumping-off point for safari trips. In addition to its urban core, the city has Nairobi National Park, a large game reserve known for breeding endangered black rhinos and home to giraffes, zebras and lions. Next to it is a well-regarded elephant orphanage.


Dodoma, officially Dodoma Urban District, is the national capital of Tanzania and the capital of Dodoma Region. Dodoma, national capital of Tanzania since 1974 (pending complete transfer of official functions from Dar es Salaam), eastern Africa, about 300 miles (480 km) inland (west) from the Indian Ocean.

Abu dhabi

Perfectly combining charming traditional culture with high-rise modernity, sprawling malls and luxury hotels. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, and though often overlooked in favour of the glamour of Dubai, it's got a lot to offer. As with Dubai, it's got a myriad of five star hotels, restaurants, plenty of shopping malls but also the thrills of Yas Island, home to Ferrari World and the Yas Marina Race track, where, if you time it right, you can watch a Formula 1 race.


Amsterdam has a reputation, but there's far more to this beautiful city: stunning parks, beautiful museums and vibrant markets. Amsterdam has a lot to offer, with different scenes to accommodate a selection of different travelling types. For some, it's the allure of the winding canals, beautiful architecture, myriad museums and bustling markets that draw them, whilst others are looking for the nightlife, the coffeeshops and to enjoy the other side of this charming city.


Chic, modern, ancient and spiritual, a city of contrasts and home to the iconic Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. Where cutting-edge technology and ancient history cohabit in harmony, Beijing is one of the world's most iconic cities. Home to the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, as well as modern buildings such as the birds nest and water cube, it will also delight visitors looking for outstanding shopping, dining and of course, luxurious hotels. Whether you fly for business or pleasure

Cape Town

Vast and Vibrant, Cape Town sits at the foot of the iconic table mountain on a natural harbour. Cape Town is one of South Africa's most vibrant cities and offers a wealth of attractions and plenty if wining and dining opportunities.


Vast and Sprawling, Johannesburg offers a little bit of history, some great dining options and plenty of shopping. Johannesburg is a great sprawling city, home to plenty of malls and restaurants as well as tourist spots.


Rising from the desert, Dubai is an enticing combination of the old-world tradition and cutting-edge technology. Dubai is one of the world's most eclectic cities, a modern metropolis rising from the desert.


The gateway to Queensland, Brisbane benefits from a big city vibe surrounded by outstanding coastline. Brisbane is the main city of Queensland, a bustling metropolitan hub, home to an array of attractions. It is also set between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, two of the area’s most popular tourist resorts home to some of the area’s best beaches.

Los Angeles

The center of the world's film and entertainment industry, Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern Californian city that truly has it all. Toasted beaches, emerald landscapes and neatly arranged boulevards – Los Angeles is a place that spawns dreamers and rebels alike. Home to the weird, the wonderful and the weirdly wonderful, this vibrant city isn’t short of attractions.


Visit paris and you will most definately not be alone as its urban area is othe most populated in the European Union. Get a private jet charter to explore the city of Paris, and you will most definitely not be alone as its urban area is othe most populated in the European Union. Paris boasts many attractions, with its museums definitely not being the least notable.

San Fransisco

The 'City by the Bay' enjoys a reputation for its bustling bohemian vibe, great food and quirky attractions. There’s something about San Francisco that makes it a destination that pulls visitors back time and time again. Whether it’s the iconic attractions such as Alcatraz and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the great shopping districts or the quirky bohemian neighbourhoods.


Sprawling and diverse, Sydney is a multicultural cosmopolitan city set on a beatiful bay. Sydney is a city with many sides. There’s such life here, a vibrant metropolis that is culturally and ethnically diverse. It’s got everything from iconic sites and picture-perfect beaches, the historical districts, trendy cafes and sprawling national parks


Venice, a city perched on stilts above a lagoon, where gondoliers pole through the canals, and history and architecture draw crowds. Venice, ‘The Floating City’, ‘The City of Masks’ and ‘The City of Bridges’ is all of these things and far, far more. From the throngs of travellers gathered on the Rialto Bridge and the Piazza San Marco, to the gondoliers poling along the canals.


Glitzy and Glamorous, Cannes hosts the annual Cannes Film Festival and plays host to the rich and famous with plenty of luxury hotels, shops and sun, sea and sand. Cannes is one of those places that seems to epitomise glamour, from the celebrity filled Cannes Film Festival to its picturesque beaches and luxury hotels. The elegant Promenade de la Croisette.

Hong Kong

Combining Chinese and British influences to create something wholly unique, upbeat and vibrant. A true representation of the phrase, ‘where east meets west’ Hong Kong seamlessly blends its Chinese roots with British influences from its time as a colony. It also has a great range of landscapes, from the buzzing city centre, home to high-rise structures and plenty of hotels.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the original Sin City, with its iconic Strip lined with some of the glitziest hotels in the world. Las Vegas is the original Sin City, with its iconic Strip lined with some of the glitziest hotels in the world. A city in the midst of the Mojave Desert, it’s a neon wonderland, where gambling, drinking and entertaining go on each and every day and night.


Get a private jet charter to London and see what the enormous city and its 32 boroughs have to offer. A huge number of historical landmarks and tourist attractions contribute to London’s character, with the most notable including Buckingham Palace and Westminster.


Melbourne is one of those cities that you instantly feel at home in. There’s a buzzing multicultural vibe to the city, and with the plethora of activities as well as wining and dining opportunities you’ll find yourself keeping busy throughout your stay.


Diverse and eclectic, Miami offers visitors a completely different side to the American experience. Miami and Miami Beach are some of Florida’s most eclectic areas, offering a real diverse mix of cultures as well as iconic South Beach.


Go to Moscow and the iconic Red Square and The Kremlin are just a couple of the many sights to see. Get a private jet charter to Moscow and visit the iconic Red Square. The cobbled square lays in the heart of Moscow, making it one of the city's prime landmarks. The square is filled with things to do and see, including the Lenin Mausoleum in its centre and the beautiful St Basil Cathedral in the south part of the square.

New York

The global centre for art, fashion and cuisine, New York is a bustling metropolis that never sleeps. From towering cityscapes to the raw energy emanating from the street performers in Central Park, New York City is a concentrated spectacle that’s as gripping as its world-renowned Broadway stage.


Overlooking the Mediterranean, Nice offers sunshine, outstanding shopping and dining as well as being just a short hop from Cannes and Monaco. Nice is one of the largest cities in France and the second largest on the Mediterranean coast. It’s sunny year round, and only a short hop from the principality of Monaco, ideal for a quick visit, especially if your stay coincides with the Formula One race.

Sao Paulo

A melting pot of cultures, São Paulo is constantly evolving and home to some truly outstanding dining options. Sprawling and diverse, São Paulo – affectionately known as ’Sampa’ – is the economic hub of Brazil; a melting pot of cultures and a wonder to explore. Each district has a distinct character, with the Downtown area offering the history whilst the west and south central offers the best nightlife, dining and culture.

St Moritz

A winter wonderland, St Moritz is famed for its excellent skiing, as well as offering plenty of high-end boutiques, hotels and restaurants too. St Moritz is an almost year round ski destination, with the season opening in October and not closing until May. It’s got a reputation as being home to some of the best slopes in the Alps, with the four main areas being Corviglia, Corvatsch, Diavolezza, and Zuoz.


Beautiful architecture, cosy coffee houses, music and history, Vienna is a city in love with both its past and present. Vienna is all about culture. Whether it’s the cosy coffeehouses, the grand architecture, opulent palaces or wonderful museumquartier, everything you need is either within easy walking distance, or a short hop on the train or tram.